A Thousand Scars – Book2 : The Hunted

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Kolkata has become the personal hunting ground of a sophisticated serial killer. He lures young girls with his charm and then tortures and kills them to satisfy his warped cravings. He leaves no clues behind. As the body count rises, the city is gripped by fear, and pressure mounts on law enforcement agencies to catch the culprit. The Kolkata Police is unable to stop him and is forced to transfer the case to the CID. John Lobo is assigned to lead the CID investigation, while Vikram Rana continues to investigate the case at the request of the police commissioner. As Vikram and Lobo set out in pursuit of the killer, resorting to behavioral analysis to identify a pattern in the killer’s actions, recurring clues tell them that they are facing the most ruthless and dangerous predator of their careers, who wouldn’t hesitate to turn on them if cornered. Their target is cunning and deadly, and they are convinced he is hiding in plain sight. But Vikram and Lobo are determined to stop the killer in his tracks.

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