Silent Witness

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Akhil Garg, a real estate developer in Kolkata, dies after drinking a can of soda bought from a local superstore. Others who drank soda from the same superstore suffer food poisoning too, but Akhil is the only one to die. Is Akhil’s death an accident? Akhil’s real estate company, Garg Developers, is insured for a hundred crores, and his business partners, who are also his family and close friends, stand to gain tremendously from the insurance payout if his death is proved accidental. The owner of the superstore is Mr. Bagri, a poor relation of the Garg family, whom Akhil had insulted just a few days before his death. Did Mr. Bagri take revenge by poisoning Akhil? Or was it a tenant whom he was trying to evict? Or could it be his flamboyant nephew Dinesh, who resented and despised him? Bad blood can destroy dynasties. Akhil Garg’s mansion was protected by high gates and security measures designed to keep bad elements out. But what if the enemy was within? As the investigation proceeds, a blood bath starts as one by one, the partners and employees of Akhil’s company start dying. There are suspects aplenty, and Vikram Rana has the challenging task of identifying whether Akhil’s death was an accident or a homicide.

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