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Review by Bookish Veenita

“Vikram Rana is a Rajput, born and brought up in Hyderabad. He likes aloo parathas and masala chai and is a hardcore foodie. Over six feet tall, he has an athletic build, which he maintains by swimming and jogging regularly. He is also a yoga addict. A lady-killer in his youth, Vikram, like George Clooney and good wine, is only getting better with age.” Did that grab your attention? Good. Because it did mine. You can read more at

Enticing. Well written & well-paced


Review by Harshita Nanda

This is my first Vikram Rana book and I have to admit that I was not disappointed! The book has an intriguing plot, the twists and turns keep the reader engaged. Time flies while reading the book as you keep turning pages one after the other. For a mystery novel to be successful the author must plant seeds of doubt against the characters and author Sharmistha Shenoy succeeds in doing so. You, as a reader, keep doubting the actions and motives of all the characters. When the case is finally cracked, you are surprised by the actual culprit and marvel at the ingenuity of the author. There are no nagging loose ends, which are usually the downfall of many mystery novels. You can read more at

Silent Witness ~ Sharmishtha Shenoy


Review by Shraddha Gupta

Mysteries are intriguing when they talk less about violence and more about suspense. Murder in the Chowdhury Palace is one such fascinating mystery novel that will take you inside the pool of suspense as you go on reading it. The author’s writing style is hypnotizing. When the protagonist Durga narrates the scenes and sequences one by one, I felt like I am sitting opposite her and listening to the whole story instead of reading it. The cob-web of suspense was built meticulously without losing the plot. Chapter by chapter, the story was gripping my senses and transporting them inside the Chowdhury Palace. Sharmishtha Shenoy has combined curiosity with fear in equal proportions. These two factors have kept the reader’s graph of anticipation to rise steeply.

Murder in the Chowdhury Palace


Review by Deep Downer

I have read and reviewed all the three installments in the Vikram Rana series written by Sharmishtha Shenoy, and I must say the author has come a long way in terms of writing skills. If her latest novel, ‘Behind The Scenes’ is anything to go by, Ms. Shenoy is all set to fill the void in the Indian thriller genre that has been nagging the fans for years now. You can read more at


Review by Dr. Pankaj Goyal

Behind the Scenes has everything a detective fiction should have. There is an intriguing murder mystery, a number of well-developed interesting characters, a number of clues, and, most importantly, a good plot. ……The story feels fresh and gives us an entertaining read. Sharmishtha manages to make all ends meet in the end and the story reaches a logical solution. I cannot complain much about the characterization either as all the characters have been developed with due care. The book has a little bit of history of potato too. So, to sum up, Sharmishtha Shenoy has come back in some style. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the further adventures of Vikram Rana in Behind the Scenes. It was certainly good to meet up with Vikram Rana one more time. In fact, I couldn’t wait to continue the series. I will highly recommend this book. Go and read it. Read more at :

Behind the Scenes: A Vikram Rana Mystery


Review by Niyati Gogna

The plot is crooked and full of twists and turns, allowing the readers to wrack their brains at each page. There are layers behind the crime and as the mystery unfolds, the readers are left craving for more!  Read more at her blog site, the link for which is given below.

A suspenseful murder mystery bound to intrigue and enthrall the readers to the core!


Review by Minarva Priyadarshini

‘Behind The Scenes’ by Sharmishtha Shenoy is one of the best thriller book. It is amazingly described each and every character with situations. Plot is based on sudden death of Ryan who is an actor. But his death become more mysterious while story proceeds. Vikram is a detective who handles this case coincidentally. Then story revolves with many twists and turns. I would like to say that it should be the first choice for every thriller lover. I am really very satisfied after reading this book. A master piece for me.


Review by Nikita Soni

I enjoyed the plot that is splendid in its simplicity. The author has grown as a writer and having followed her from her first book, I could feel her growth in her narration style, world building, and character development…The scenes and scenery are beautifully and vividly sketched. I could visualize myself in Darjeeling and then Kolkata with their individual beauty and allure. It felt like all the smells and sights had traveled to me without me doing any actual traveling.

Characters were developed as the story progressed and I could feel the building suspense. I loved how the author bared the people in the book by peeling each layer to their character at the most appropriate time.

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#BookReview: Behind the Scenes ( A Vikram Rana Mystery) by Sharmishtha Shenoy


Review by Sarath Babu

I have read the previous novels of Sharmistha Shenoy who has made an interesting character called Vikram Rana. The novel is a perfect read for those who love mystery and thriller and the characters were used really well by the author making it interesting which I would say would the real success to this.

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Review by Anupriya Gupta

This is the first book in the ‘Vikram Rana’ series, yet Sharmishtha Shenoy, wastes no time in building up neither her protagonist ‘Vikram Rana’ or other case specific characters. They evolve along with the plot, which I think is a big success for the author. The reader gets to know the characters, rather than being told about them. A big heads up on this writing style. I liked the way how, simple and routine incidents have been incorporated to depict how the life of a detective, who also wears multiple hats of a friend, husband and a former police officer goes on.

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Review by Shamik Byabartta

I liked the way Sharmishtha narrated the story depicting the murder incidents happening one after another in the city and the Police along with Vikram Rana investigating, who the killer is. As the story progressed, I also started making my analysis and tried guessing the killer among the crowd of characters. I would surely recommend this book to the readers of detective stories. I am sure you will not get disappointed.

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Review by Ruby Tyagi

What made Behind the Scenes a wonderful read that inspires me to write this book review is the simplest of the language used by the charming author. Subtle language skills took me on a journey that I traveled in one night. I was so hooked to the book that I read it on a laptop in the dark so that I wouldn’t disturb my mom…I haven’t read Agatha Christie or Dan Brown ever, because I hate reading murders, but to me, Sharmishtha Shenoy is a thriller tycoon! This is so because she flawlessly and effortlessly flabbergasts her readers at the end with a climax that no one could imagine!

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