A Thousand Scars – Book 1: The Hunter

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Kalki Sen is kidnapped. The kidnapper calls her mother, taunting her but promising to release Kalki. However, Kalki is finally found only as a mutilated and decomposed corpse in the Rabindra Sarobar Lake. Kalki’s ex-boyfriend Amit becomes the prime suspect of the Kolkata Police.
However, it soon emerges that Kalki is not the only victim of the kidnapper. Is a sadistic serial killer on the loose in the streets of Kolkata? ACP Das of the Kolkata Police is convinced the other kidnappings are just a smokescreen set up by Amit. Amit’s mother, Gargi Ghosh, turns to Vikram Rana to prove her son’s innocence.
Sexual perversion, vicious violence, and intuitive intelligence – the devastating makeup of a psychopath masquerading as a normal person who, to the outside world, leads an unremarkable, inoffensive life.
Who is the cunning killer who finds ultimate gratification in torturing and killing young women? Is it Amit? And if Amit is not the killer, can Vikram Rana save him when ACP Das is after his blood?

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