Debnarayan Chowdhury: Durga’s lover in “Murder in the Chowdhury Palace”

Debnarayan Chowdhury: Debu – Darkly handsome, rich and brooding…Want to meet Debu? Read “Murder in the Chowdhury Palace”

 Listen to Durga as she tells us how she met Debu and what was her first impression about her…

“I  first met Debnarayan Chowdhury while we were doing our Masters in Pure Physics at Rajabazar Science College. He was one of the brightest students in our batch. Debnarayan came from a small village, Kakdihi in Midnapore. Although I was above average height, he still towered over me. Later I came to know that all his family members, including the ladies, were tall. He was over six feet tall, lanky, fair, and had delicate and rather prominent features. There was an air of an aristocrat about him and, it was very evident that he came from a wealthy family.” “Murder in the Chowdhury Palace”: ebook will be released in the third week of March and the paperback will be released on 15th April.

Article Name
Murder in the Chowdhury Palace
Introduction to Debnarayan, Durga's lover and then-husband
Publisher Name
Vishwakarma Publications