Murder In The Chowdhury Palace

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Orphaned in her childhood, Durga has always longed for wealth and security.She finds it all when she marries debnaryan Chowdhury, heir to an immense, multi-crore estate. But there is a curse on the family, due to which the first-born of each genration dies young.When her father-in-law Birendrnath dies unexpectedly, durga and debnaryan come down to the ancestral home, near kolkata. The Moment durga enters her new palatial home, she crosses a threshold of terror. She loses her husband within a month of her marriage and inherits the estate.Family and friends believe that debnaryan died due to the curse on the Chowdhury family.But is it really her bad luck that debu died? Was debnaryan’s death an accident? everyone in her new family and the neighborhood appear to be sympathetic. yet, most of them have a motive to kill her. Is she now on the murder’s radar? Or is she the master of the game?

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