Fatal Fallout -The Book Trailer

Fatal Fallout - A Vikram Rana Mystery - The book trailer
Fatal Fallout - A Vikram Rana Mystery - The book trailer

When love is an obsession, rejection is fatal … Beautiful model and aspiring actress Gauri is found dead on the highway from a gunshot wound. The jewelry she had been wearing and other valuables are missing. Is it a case of a robbery gone wrong? Or is it premeditated murder? Gauri’s friends and family hold her boyfriend Akash responsible for the death. Gauri had recently broken up with him because of his abusive behavior. Did the fallout of the breakup turn fatal for her? Did Akash decide that if he couldn’t have her, nobody else would either? Moreover, why did the film director Madhav hire detective Vikram Rana to investigate her death? Is it because he loved her, or because he wanted to point the needle of suspicion away from himself? Adding to the puzzle, is the corrupt police inspector Phani Kuma sabotaging the case for his own devious motives? The media, meanwhile, is sensationalizing the case, and pressure is mounting on ACP Gopi Reddy to resolve the case at the earliest. Ace detective Vikram Rana swings into action to untangle a complex web of abuse, lies, and murder to get to the truth.